Thanksgiving Meal

Nutrition Tips:
Holiday Desserts

With the holiday season approaching fast, desserts and candies are aplenty. Knowing which of these foods have the best health benefits may be able to reduce the stress paired with holiday eating. Simple herbs and spices such as peppermint, vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate might be healthier than one may think.

Peppermint is an herb often used in cooking in the extract form. Commonly seem around the holiday season in candies such as candy canes, peppermint holds many health benefits. Peppermint improves digestion health and helps food to move through the stomach more quickly. It can also help reduce stomach upset by reducing the feelings of nausea.

Antioxidants like vitamins A, C and B2 can be found in peppermint which help to fight off cancer causing free radicals in the body. Numerous minerals such as manganese, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, folate and copper are present in peppermint as well. Full Story

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn-Part 2

Breaking Dawn Promotional Poster

A pack of fans gathered at Roseburg Cinemas for the epic Twilight Saga conclusion that premiered Thursday, Nov. 15, with an all day marathon event of the series leading up to the premiere. The marathon cost $25, lasted 12 hours and included all five of the films.

Hanging out in the dark for 12 hours in a room full of strangers is an experience that only Twilight fans would gladly sit through to see these movies on the big screen.

Breaking Dawn Part Two starts with Bella's first appearance as a vampire after being transformed in Breaking Dawn Part One. Let me just say, Kristin Stewart looks a lot hotter when she's dead. It is by far her best performance in the series. Her acting skills transformed to where she now presents more complex, believable dialogue. Full Story

Movie Review: James Bond: Skyfall

Skyfall Promotional Poster

Now that fall term has ended, many of us will be wondering what to do with ourselves. One of the best films to come out this November is Skyfall, the latest James Bond adventure. The big screen is the only way to fully appreciate the incredible cinematography by Roger Deakins. You don't even need a pair of 3D glasses to feel like you are a part of the action.

Skyfall is as much a film about guns, explosions and rooftop motorcycle chases as it is a commentary on the idea that the old fashioned ways may not be entirely obsolete after all.  Indeed, what could an exploding pen do to stop a computer virus from shutting down a power grid? Full Story


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