Skyfall Promotional Poster

Movie Review:
James Bond: Skyfall

Now that fall term has ended, many of us will be wondering what to do with ourselves. One of the best films to come out this November is Skyfall, the latest James Bond adventure. The big screen is the only way to fully appreciate the incredible cinematography by Roger Deakins. You don’t even need a pair of 3D glasses to feel like you are a part of the action.

Skyfall is as much a film about guns, explosions and rooftop motorcycle chases as it is a commentary on the idea that the old fashioned ways may not be entirely obsolete after all.  Indeed, what could an exploding pen do to stop a computer virus from shutting down a power grid?

James Bond is not the spry young agent he once was and chooses an early retirement near the beginning of the film. MI6 is under threat of closure after failing to apprehend a mercenary who has stolen a hard drive containing the identities of all NATO undercover agents. To make matters worse, MI6 is targeted by a computerized attack which blows up most of the aging MI6 building. James Bond comes out of retirement and jumps back into the game. After facing a multitude of setbacks, Bond turns the tables and brings the battle back to his own turf.

I don’t usually go to the theater to see action movies, but I would recommend this movie to everyone as a great way to spend $8 and an afternoon.

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