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UCC Welcomes Second Lady Jill Biden

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The Mainstream is a designated student forum written to promote the activities, events, and interests of UCC. Its primary focus is on hard news relating to campus events or personnel, especially as students are affected, but features, art work and poetry may be accepted. Any opinions or art presented in The Mainstream do not represent the viewpoint of this newspaper or UCC.

Campus Life

UCC Welcomes Second Lady Jill Biden

Jill Biden, second lady of the United States and wife of Vice-President Joe Biden, calls herself a lady who doesn’t do lunch, but she did lunch today with the UCC community.

“What an honor it is to have her here,” UCC President Rita Cavin said. Biden’s campus visit came after the Vice President’s office asked UCC what they could do to help regarding Oct.1.

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Natural Resources program offered

A new natural resources program is offering UCC students a chance to learn hands-on from local experts in fields such as environmental monitoring, ecology and conservation science.

The UCC Associate of Science program is titled Natural Resources: Landscape Monitoring. It is designed as the first two years of a four year OSU degree. Students can transfer all of their program classes to the OSU Natural Resources bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree can then be completed through OSU’s online Ecampus; students will not have to relocate to Corvallis.

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New on-campus security measures

A retired deputy with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office started providing security on the UCC campus Nov. 9, 2015 as the first of a series of security changes being sought.

Deputy Scott Batsch will provide security 35 hours a week and remain on staff until June of next year. Batsch was with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office for 24 years before retiring, according to KEZI News. The college is contracting with the sheriff’s office approximately $30,000 for their services, and the sheriff’s department chooses the officer.

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Cafeteria prices have students confused

The cafeteria has become quieter lately and lines are shorter than last year. Prices may have something to do with that.

Loggers has a two year contract with UCC to run the cafeteria which has several best-selling items: the pizza & pinwheels, breakfast burrito, bacon cheeseburger, rice bowls, breakfast sandwich, the salad bar and boneless wings.

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Campus clubs offer students connections

On-campus clubs are beginning to gather again, providing an environment for students with common interests to connect, share, and support one another. The focus is on having fun, meeting new friends and getting involved in the local community. According to Amy Baker, a therapist and head of the Trauma Support center at UCC, bringing people together through shared interests can help improve personal well-being.

“I think one of the things that people often under-anticipate is how social we are as beings,” Baker said, “One of the best ways, I think, to improve your mental wellness, is your relationships with other people and a club is a very good way to do that.”

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UCCStrong fund dispenses second phase

The second phase of the UCCStrong fund distribution is underway. This phase is set aside for those in Snyder Hall rooms 14 to 16 and provides funds for unrestricted use of unmet financial needs. The first phase was for primary victims in Snyder 15 due to the Oct. 1 incident.

As of the latest press release, the fund is nearing $1 million.

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Student Spotlight on Erica Henry and Misty

Erica Henry not only dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder for her speech class but she arrived in character: on her horse, Misty. The class, [provide name of class] taught by Paula Usrey is doing [provide name of speech assignment] in their classroom located in the Danny Lang Teaching, Learning & Event Center.

Henry and her mother Sherri trailered the horse to UCC and parked in the Technology Center lot. Henry then rode Misty up the hill so that her class could see her dismounting in front of the Lang Center windows.

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Cooking Cliff Notes

Its turkey time again and it is hard to get into the season with piles of homework and studying for midterms. The preparation of the Thanksgiving meal can be overwhelming and even comical at times. One year I put a turkey in the oven and after four hours realized the oven wasn’t turned on. So that year we ate around nine o’clock not my best dinner. A friend of mine had a rookie move of not removing the turkey giblets because she thought giblets are turkey man parts or something. Cooking can be very entertaining even when they turn out to be bit of a disaster. These three recipes are a safe proof simple holiday dinner menu that will please your desire for the traditional Thanksgiving feast. With all the stress of being a college student I want to remind everyone that the holiday is a time to make memories with your family and friends and possibly create a meal to be proud of.

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Preparing for the harsh winter weather

With winter fast approaching and the air getting colder while the nights are getting darker, the time has come to get ready for chilly times.

Winter is cold and flu season, so keeping warm is a must. It won’t necessarily prevent getting sick, but it will help you feel more comfortable. Get the warm blankets, jackets, hats, beanies, scarves, gloves or mittens, long johns, and other warm clothing items out of storage. Keep clothing items in a place that is easy to get to in case the power goes out and you have no lighting in the home. Children and pets can especially become cold in the winter months with no heat. Since heat easily escapes through the head, it is important for all people, especially small children, to wear warm hats to hold in body heat to avoid hypothermia.

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Events & Entertainment

The Peanuts Gang delights kids all ages

Good Grief! Charles M. Schulz brought Peanuts to life through comic strips beginning in 1950. The strips featured the characters Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Pig Pen, and many others, all of which are still beloved today.

The Peanuts Movie, which was released on Nov. 6, 2015, follows Charlie Brown, a young boy who can’t fly a kite, play baseball or do anything else right in the eyes of himself or others. When a new girl moves to town, Charlie is smitten, and decides to make every attempt to make her see him for who he really is; a boy who can succeed and is worthy of her attention. He does not want her to see him as the failure that everyone thinks he is.

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Anonymity leads to cruelty in virtual worlds

When we see things happening all over the country, like the tragedy that happened here on October 1, it should be a time to ask questions and reflect on the events leading up to these moments in order to prevent them from happening again. What can we actively do to make a difference in the real world for the better; to be the change? That’s what life is all about. Progressive actions being taken place to enforce true change that inspires hope to even go further, beyond our wildest expectations, and make our dreams a reality.

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