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Republican Party's future

One of the best things that could happen to America is also what could save the Republican Party. As a country, we need to become a little less color blind. The Republican Party especially needs to realize that many voters feel the government is being run by an overabundance of white males. Republicans need to abandon white males as the focus of their voting coalition.

With recent shifts in voting trends, it is virtually impossible for a presidential candidate to be elected without support from across the demographic spectrum. President Obama won re-election by winning the majority of every group except the white male population while Mitt Romney’s campaign seemed to be targeting only white males. Democrats have won the female and youth votes decisively in every presidential election since 1992 and they have won the African American and Hispanic votes for over 40 years.

The lowest voter turnout is routinely among Hispanics and young people. However, these demographics have been increasing significantly in recent years while the white male vote has been declining.

If the Republican Party looks to broaden their base, white men will either end up allowing themselves to be marginalized, or they will adjust their political stances to remain in the game.

One way that this adjustment may occur is if politicians stop carrying the mantle for some of the traditional “Republican” retrograde positions such as equal pay for women, immigration and gay rights. Every time a state has passed laws allowing same sex marriage, most people pretty much accept the progressive step forward and move on once the laws are passed, the gays start getting married and the world doesn’t come to an end. Those who don’t accept the new social position, on the other hand, end up becoming marginalized.

The Republican Party needs to abandon the “Grand Old” part of their party banner and adopt something a little edgier, like Republican Paul Ryan’s “Young Guns” moniker, but a little less cheesy.

White male domination of America now exists only in the history books.  It’s time for white men to get on board and embrace change as we all move forward.

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