Breaking Dawn Promotional Poster

Movie Review:
Breaking Dawn-Part 2

A pack of fans gathered at Roseburg Cinemas for the epic Twilight Saga conclusion that premiered Thursday, Nov. 15, with an all day marathon event of the series leading up to the premiere. The marathon cost $25, lasted 12 hours and included all five of the films.

Hanging out in the dark for 12 hours in a room full of strangers is an experience that only Twilight fans would gladly sit through to see these movies on the big screen.

Breaking Dawn Part Two starts with Bella’s first appearance as a vampire after being transformed in Breaking Dawn Part One. Let me just say, Kristin Stewart looks a lot hotter when she’s dead. It is by far her best performance in the series. Her acting skills transformed to where she now presents more complex, believable dialogue.

Edward and Bella’s half-human, half-vampire daughter Renesmee caused the majority of the film’s conflict. The Volturi believed she was an immortal child, a terrible crime to them because turning children into vampires is against their laws.

Author of the Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyer, approved a change to the ending that was so far from what I was expecting. The change, however, made the movie more enjoyable and more accessible to male viewers. Without some kind of conflict, movie lovers have a tendency to lose interest.

The change to the ending got people’s attention. As soon as it was clear what was happening, the audience expressed gasps of shock and some audience members, including Visual Communications student Ariel O’Neill, even shed tears. 

This movie delivers. I give it 5 stars.

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