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Come Join the Club!

Greetings fellow students,

It was been shown that staying involved on campus is a great way to succeed while in college. It gives students the opportunity to “be part of a group” and have their voices heard!! One of the exciting ways to get involved on campus is to join one of the many ASUCC sponsored clubs that meet regularly during school hours. Students in clubs have the opportunity to host activities, make new friends with similar interests and be more informed about campus happenings. Also, this is a golden chance to put the stress of schoolwork to the side for a moment and focus on having fun. I encourage you all to take a moment and look over the clubs and organizations that are currently offered here at UCC.
There is also a new Geology Club that is working to establish regular meeting times.
Is there not something that interests you? Start your own club! It’s easier than you think! You need 30 students to sign your position expressing interest, an adviser, establishment of regular meeting times and by-laws. Clubs are given an initial stipend into their account and there are several tiers to earn additional ASUCC funding. GET INVOLVED!!! MAKE CHANGES!!! HAVE FUN!!!


Current Active Clubs:
•Debate Club meets every Friday at 12 p.m. in Snyder Hall, room 18.
•Drama Club meets every Tuesday at 12:15 p.m. in Whipple Fine Arts Centerstage
•Engineering Club meets every other Tuesday at 2 p.m. in JH 15; next meeting is Nov. 12.
•Environmental Sustainability Club meets every other Tuesday from 2 to 3 p.m. in Jackson 15; next meeting will be Nov. 13.
•French Club meets Wednesday at 12 p.m. in Jackson 14.
•Student Nursing Association meets Wednesday (For more information, see Sebastian Randall).
•Phi Theta Kappa meets every Wednesday at 12 p.m. in Lockwood 2.
•Spanish Club meets Tuesdays at 12 p.m. in Snyder 10.
•UCC Veterans Club meets Wednesday at 12 p.m. in the Veterans Center.


Looking forward to seeing you all around campus,
Kristapher Yates
ASUCC President