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UCCStrong fund dispenses second phase

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The second phase of the UCCStrong fund distribution is underway. This phase is set aside for those in Snyder Hall rooms 14 to 16 and provides funds for unrestricted use of unmet financial needs. The first phase was for primary victims in Snyder 15 due to the Oct. 1 incident.

As of the latest press release, the fund is nearing $1 million.

Disbursements for the second phase include the following:

  • $2500 to students and staff members of Snyder rooms 14, 15 and 16 who were present Oct. 1.
  • $2500 to each family of the Umpqua 9.
  • $500 per day for victims from those rooms who were hospitalized with a 10 day cap total of $5000.
  • Will be $75000 total given to the 24

The United Way, in conjunction with the UCCStrong fund, has established a relief fund of $25,000 through the Roseburg Salvation Army to help meet the unmet financial needs of students and staff who were on campus Oct.1. Students and staff can bring unpaid bills and their UCC identification to the Salvation Army and ask that the bills be paid on their behalf.

These bills have to be financial needs directly related to the Oct. 1 incident and payment is up to the discretion of the Salvation Army.

“The challenge is that it is very difficult to make the call on someone’s bill and if it really is directly related to Oct.1,” said Brian Prawitz, UCCStrong’s public information officer.

At this time, the UCCStrong committee is working towards an application process for people who were on campus Oct. 1 and have needs beyond the scope of the initial Salvation Army outlay.

The fund committee is also preserving some funds for long term care and recovery as some students and staff may not feel the effects of Oct.1 until coming months.

In the meantime, those who were on campus and need help can go to the Department of Justice website and download their application for Crime Victims Compensation, or pick one up from the Student Center. Students can apply to the Department of Justice for counseling compensation up to $20,000 per person for a counselor of choice. Compensation may also include other medical and financial needs.

“It will take some time to work itself out. But there is a great relief in knowing that the DOJ (Department of Justice) offers relief to those who were victims of the shooting to get some help,” Prawitz said. “That way the majority of the funds can go to those who were most directly affected.”

“The [UCCStrong] committee is sincerely committed to helping the people who need the help,” Prawitz said. “They all understand the responsibility, the scrutiny, the transparency. They all understand that. That’s the goal: to get resources to all the people who need healing.”