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Student Resources

Have you ever been confused or frustrated as a UCC student? Have you been unsure what you should do, or who to talk to to find the answers? We've put together some tips to help point you in the right direction, or inform you about resources you didn't know were avaliable.

If you have any suggestions for this list, please contact Marisela Pena at uccmainstream@yahoo.com.

Printing in the Computer Labs with GoPrint

I'm having trouble printing in the computer labs. What do I do?

All of the computer labs on campus have been integrated into the new GoPrint system. When a document gets sent to the printer, it has to go through the GoPrint software.

When you press print, a window should pop up and ask you for your 800 number and PIN in order to continue. Once you log in, you will see a window with your documents listed. Choose the documents you want to print and then click "Pay and print" in order to actually send the file to the printer. Don't worry, printing is currently FREE. Make sure you log out of GoPrint before you leave the computer lab.

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Download a PDF of the complete GoPrint instructions with pictures.

Download a PDF of how to manually open the GoPrint pop-up window.


In my first semester, I had a WR121 class. Is there an easier way to work with citations and the bibliography?

Intro to Computer Information Systems, CIS120, will teach you how to insert citations and build a bibliography. You can also ask the ESB tutors for help. Computer classes are also available through Workforce Training located at 2555 NE Diamond Lake, call 541-440-4601 for more information.

I dropped my Principals of Accounting course during my first semester. Is there any other course work I can take in order to understand accounting?

There is an Excel class in the winter term 2013 catalog. It is called Accounting Applications 1 BA 128. It is a 2 credit class. Depending on your major, it should be taken as a co-requisite to the Principles of Accounting 1 BA 211 course.
For more information, contact Greg Kuk:  (541)440-4663; email: Greg.Kuk@umpqua.edu

If I’m enrolled in 12 credits, does that ensure I will finish in the two year protocol.

NO. The minimum is 12 credits per term, but students should take more if they want to finish in two years. Meet with an adviser for a term by term planner.

Are there any transfer programs that will make the transition easier?

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Go to the Campus Center Building and ask for any TOP staff or call 541-440-4712.
TOP can offer:

  • Academic Advising/Student Transfer Plans
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Planning
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Career Assessment Program
  • Cohort Opportunities
  • Cultural/Educational Events
  • University Campus Visits
  • Educational Workshops/Seminar

I have test anxiety, more than I can handle.

Speak with your professor and he/she can recommend you be evaluated for test anxiety at Disability Services located in the Advising and Career Service Center in Campus Center Building.

My expectations were wrong about a class. The course description was limited, and I made the wrong assumptions. What can I do to get an idea of what to expect from a class?

Ask the instructor if you can sit-in prior to signing up for the course. Many professors will allow you to sit-in. Don’t be afraid to ask because wrong expectations can lead to unnecessary stress you don’t need.

I want to study before taking any entrance exams for UCC. Is there a website I can use to help me study?

Yes. http://www.testprepreview.com/compass_practice.html

I don’t know what I want to major in. Where or who can I ask for help?

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You can contact Ali Mageehon at (541) 440-7772.
Also go to: uccpathways.org . This website is a great resource tool to help you identify what you want to be when you “grow up”.

Work Study

Where is my first work study paycheck?

Your first paycheck will be delayed two weeks. After the first check, you will start receiving your checks bi-weekly.

When are time cards due?

Turn your time card in to your supervisor early on the day they are due. Remember your supervisor has to review and turn it in also. Normal days to turn in your time card are the 15th and the last day of the month.

I have a lot of credits next term. What if I don’t want to participate in work-study next term? What happens to the work-study award money?

If you decide not to participate in work-study, you will forfeit the work-study money awarded to you.  You can speak to your work-study supervisor to see if any arrangements can be done to facilitate your participation. Maybe fewer hours or a more flexible schedule are options for you. Before you make any final decisions, speak with the work-study office staff in Campus Center Building. You can ask for the location at the information desk in the lobby.

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Campus Life

Does UCC have a newspaper?

Yes, it’s called The Mainstream, that's the site you're on right now. The Mainstream is published every other week throughout the school year. The print version is free, and can be picked up in almost every building on campus.

Do I have to pay for a parking permit?

Parking permits are free. Grab your student ID and go ask for yours at the kiosk outside the Admissions office. Students get their UCC IDs usually at the beginning of each term in the student lounge area of the Campus Center.

I have no medical insurance. Can I get low cost student medical insurance?

Yes. Contact  Director of Student Life Marjan Coester, at (541) 440-7749 or email at marjan.coester@umpqua.edu

need to upgrade my Microsoft software, but it costs over $250? Can I get a student discount?

Yes. Go to the UCC bookstore. They have a Microsoft version that you can use for classes, usually for only $19.99.

I have a child; are there child care services at UCC?

Yes. Contact the Ford Childhood Enrichment Center: Contact phone number is (541)440-4650 or 440-7741. You can make arrangements for regular childcare with them.

I see many new students at UCC having a hard time. I feel compassionate about helping them. How can I help?

Smile. Say your “Good Mornings and Afternoons”. A nice hello from a fellow student makes a world of difference. Consider talking to Director of Student Life Marjan Coester, at (541) 440-7749 about becoming a student  government officer or senator.

I want to make my experience at UCC a memorable one and would like to join a club. Is there a list of UCC clubs I can take a look at?

Many clubs are looking for students who want a more enriching UCC experience. Some are listed below, and the UCC catalog has a list as well. Keep in mind that not all clubs are active every year:

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  • Art Club
  • Astra Club
  • The Business and Entrepreneurship Club
  • Campus Bible Study group
  • The Computer Club
  • Debate Club
  • The Engineering Club
  • The Gay, Straight Alliance
  • The Monster
  • Phi Theta Kappa / Honor Society
  • Science Club
  • SkillsUSA
  • Outdoor Club, Rocking Climbing Club & Softball Club
  • World Languages Club—French
  • World Languages Club—Spanish

What is the average age of UCC students?

This year (2012), 36 is the average age for students.

I think I may have a learning disability, but I still want to go to college. Whom can I contact to see if college is right for me?

Contact the Disability Services Coordinator: Danielle Haskette, (541) 440-7655 or Oregon Relay 1 (800) 735-1232 (hearing impairment). You can ask for accommodations to meet your needs.

How do I rent one of the lockers outside of the library?

Speak to the library circulation desk. Pay your $10 deposit at the UCC bookstore and take your receipt to the library circulation desk. For more information visit the UCC Library Website

Campus staff tell me they sent me emails, but I don’t seem to be getting them. Where are they?

As a student, you have multiple email systems: Riverhawk Web Email, Self Service Banner Email, and email through any of your courses which use, Angel Learning.

Make sure you check all sites for important messages. If you are in Angel, you can select the Communicate tab, go to your inbox and at the upper-right hand corner, select Preferences in order to forward your Angel emails to whatever email system you prefer.

Financial Aid

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I own my home. Can I deduct college costs from my taxes?

Yes. If you itemize your tax return, you can.

What is a Merit Award or a Tuition Waver and how can I get more information?

Athletics, Fine Arts, Journalism, Student Government, and Student Ambassadors are the categories for possible Merit Award/Tuition Waver. Speak with the heads of these departments and see what is available.