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Leeworthy to lead summer recreations

Daniel Leeworthy
Dustin Barneburg / Mainstream
Daniel Leeworthy

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Leeworthy’s life revolved around water. With summer right around the corner, and the opening of the Umpqua Community College swimming pool, Summer Recreation Director Leeworthy may be feeling right back at home again.

As Summer Recreation Director Leeworthy will act as manager of the pool.

“Swimming was a big part of my childhood, and the ocean has been a big part of my life,” Leeworthy said. “In Australia pretty much everyone learns how to swim from a young age. The ocean is everywhere in Australia unless you are in the Outback. All of my hobbies revolve around swimming and being out in the water. From surfing, scuba-diving to snorkeling, fishing and swimming as well.”

Leeworthy’s responsibilities will include scheduling the pool and staffing it with lifeguards. 

“[Leeworthy] is overseeing the whole pool in the summer, and also will be marketing and trying to fill the pool during downtime with special groups,” Athletic Director Cheryl Yoder said.

This will not be the first time Leeworthy has overseen pool operations.

“At Ohio University, I taught beginning/intermediate swimming and water aerobics, while being in managerial positions in many different areas,” Leeworthy said.

However, that is not Leeworthy’s only position on campus. He is also the head coach of UCC’s men’s basketball team. Coach had a passion for Australian Football as child, but he enjoyed basketball as well.

“I followed the NBA a lot, and watched it as much as we had it on television,” Leeworthy said. “I followed the Portland Trailblazers and the Utah Jazz. I didn’t like Micheal Jordan much back then, but I do now. My children watch his DVD’s all the time.”

Leeworthy played semi-professional basketball, and an assistant coaching stint at BYU Hawaii not only brought him to the states for the first time, it is where he met his wife.

Leeworthy has coached college basketball for nine years including two years as an assistant under John Groce at Ohio University. Groce currently is the head coach at the University of Illinois and widely considered one of the top coaches in college basketball.

But Leeworthy wanted to lead his own program.

“I came on an interview here for the head coaching position. I wanted to be a head coach. I fell in love with the Roseburg area,” Leeworthy said.

He does not skimp on praise in regards to the Umpqua Valley or the campus at UCC.

“I think it is an environmentally beautiful place. The nature around here is magnificent,” Leeworthy said. “Being not very far away from the ocean is great.”

“The campus is vibrant and I get a good feel about it when I am here,” Leeworthy said.

As Summer Recreation Director, his first big event on campus will be the grand re-opening of UCC’s swimming pool.

“We look forward to the grand re-opening May 17, and hopefully we’ll have a great turnout,” Leeworthy stated.