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Celebrating half a century of UCC

The original College Board
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The original College Board: (top row, left to right) Dr. Clifford babbitt, William Markham, Charles Dowd, Ray Coffenberry, (bottom row) Wayne Crooch, Fred Booth.

To some people, the age of 50 means enrolling in AARP or a discount at Mainstay Suites, but for the people of UCC, 50 means half a century of accomplishment. This year, the college is celebrating fifty years of success with students, employees and the community.

The staff, faculty and students of UCC kicked off the 50th Anniversary celebration this last summer with a concert by Quarterflash who played one of their hit songs “Harden my Heart” that had the audience rocking. 

A 50th Anniversary Celebration in Jacoby Auditorium on March 7 provided an appetizer and wine reception that included performances by the Umpqua Singers and the Big Horn Jazz Band.  Speeches were provided by Dr. Joe Olson, current UCC President, and Dr. James Kraby, the third UCC President. A speech was also given by Jillanne Michell, UCC English professor and graduate. To top off the celebration, the 2014 Spirit of Umpqua Hall of Fame inductees were presented.

In order to be on the Hall of Fame, the inductees had to have provided exceptional college service with a minimum of 10 years of service, and they must be retired or near retirement.

UCC Campus
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UCC Campus, from the north

Another 50th Anniversary event coming soon is a musical, In the Mood, to be presented March 26 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Jacoby Auditorium. Also, a Michael Peterson Benefit Concert will be offered April 19 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Jacoby Auditorium.

The celebrations will continue until the 2014-15 graduation, and some events are still in the planning stage.

The 2014-15 graduation will mark 50 years since UCC’s first graduation in 1965. 

The college was approved in 1964 when the Board of Trustees and the first UCC President, Harry Jacoby, were selected.

Before the college was built, courses were held at Roseburg High School.

The college was built in three major phases with more single buildings put up after the third phase. The first phase of the college included the Administration Building, Science Building, Library and what would later be called Snyder Hall. This phase was almost complete when the college first opened its doors in August of 1967 and 2,254 students enrolled.

Two years later, phase two of the college was finished and included the buildings that became known as Wayne Crooch Hall and Lockwood Hall. The enrollment increased by 1,103 students that year.

In 1972, the third phase of the college was completed and included the Campus Center, PE Complex, the pool, and what would later be called Jacoby Auditorium. By this year, the enrollment was over 5,000 students. According to 2012-13 enrollment report, the enrollment for the 2012-13 school year was 14,757 students. However, this number includes both part time and full time students as well as students taking community education courses.

Phase II Complete
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Phase II Complete

The first graduating class consisted of three students in June of 1965. These students included Alice Lane, Deanna Weiss, and Larry Albertson. All three of these students graduated with an Associate of Arts degree.

 Last year, the graduating class consisted of 550 students. Of these students, 193 of them graduated with an Associate of Arts degree. There were 8 with an Associate of Science, 27 with an Associate of General Studies, 180 with a Career and Technical degree, 116 with One-year Certificates, and 26 with Pathway Certificates. 

Lee Salter, the anniversary celebration lead and a UCC employee of 23 years, says, “This is an exciting time in UCC’s history, and I encourage people to join in on the events to celebrate the 50th”.