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Campus clubs, organizations increase employability

10 campus clubs offer free experience

The Club Fair hosted by ASUCC Student Leadership Team provided information about club activities.
Photo provided by Clay Baumgartner
The Club Fair hosted by ASUCC Student Leadership Team provided information about club activities.

ASTRA (Ability/Service/Training/Responsibility/Achievement) is nationally recognized college organization which is focused on improving the community. ASTRA’s specific agenda according to its mission statement is to“help you develop your community, your leadership skills, and accomplish success within a group.”

Robin Van Winkle is the adviser for ASTRA and is the director of community education for UCC. In this position Robin has many connections throughout Douglas County. Interested students can contact robin.vanwinkle@umpqua.edu for more information.

The Business & Entrepreneurship club meets every other Wednesday at noon in Wayne Crooch Hall #16. 

The highlight of this club is that students who have aspirations of owning their own business can meet with local business owners and leaders to learn about finances and marketing while hearing success stories from area merchants.

In the last few weeks, the members have had meetings with Janice and Gary Quist from Roseburg Book & Stationery and Toni Clough, founder of the Bagel Tree restaurant. The next meeting will feature Sue Van Volkenberg of Napa Auto & Truck Supply.

“You won’t find a better experience for learning how to be your own boss,” Bill Armstrong, adviser for the club, said.

One of the main goals of the club, besides encouraging UCC students to be successful business owners, is the group’s plan to compete in this spring’s “Start-up Weekend.” This is a competition where future entrepreneurs form teams and compete to develop a startup business idea. Last year the UCC team earned second place in the competition.

Campus Bible Study meets from 1 to 2 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays in the Cafeteria. Club adviser Jess Miller is seeking more members to help infuse new ideas and goals into the group.

“We have a group that filters in and out, but we are looking for people who wish to help club president Kristy Fenrich create a club with specific agenda and goals,” said Miller

The Debate club meets every Friday at noon in Snyder Hall room 18. Debate can hone speaking and communication skills. The club usually hosts a year-end formal debate open to the campus and the community.

While visiting the college campus, Powers Middle School students worked with the engineering club in a ping pong catpult competition.
Photo provided by Clay Baumgartner
While visiting the college campus, Powers Middle School students worked with the engineering club in a ping pong catapult competition.

The Engineering club meets every other Friday at 1 p.m. in Jackson Hall. The next meeting is Dec. 6. The club has a loose membership of about 50, of which 12 to 20 regularly attend, according to Clay Baumgartner, the club’s adviser. Members of the club gather to create study groups and prepare for events like the recent competition that involved Powers middle school students. The middle school students were visiting campus to look at college options and the club helped students construct rudimentary catapults for a ping pong shooting competition. The middle school competition turned into a club goal to produce a large scale catapult that can hurl watermelons or pumpkins.

“One of the most exciting projects we are hoping to accomplish this year is the construction of a catapult and a hovercraft,” said club president Jessy Cugley

In addition to this project, the club’s next major event is the “Explore Engineering/ Surveying/ Computers Event” scheduled for Thursday, Jan 3, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Danny Lang Center.  The event is for students (high school and college) who are interested in learning more about education and careers in engineering, surveying or computer information systems. There will be exhibits from business and industry and a free dinner.

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society whose primary purpose is to recognize students for their outstanding academic achievement. Phi Theta Kappa is an invitation only organization whose members have access to scholarships and professional development resources. Students who participate in Phi Theta Kappa activities usually commit themselves to community activism through encouraging and assisting students to complete their educational goals. They also host of events like the Dr. Seuss Literacy campaign.

Most of the clubs or organizations at UCC require being enrolled in at least 3 credit hours to become a member. Phi Theta Kappa membership, however, is only extended to students after enrollment for two quarters at UCC (or one of the 1,200 worldwide campuses). Club members must also have completed 12 or more credits with a 3.5 G.P.A.  In addition to these requirements, there is a onetime $80 fee.

SkillsUSA is another nationally recognized club available to students at UCC. SkillsUSA, according to its mission statement, “focuses on helping it members to become world-class workers and responsible citizens.”

For more information, contact Kevin Mathweg at kevin.mathweg@umpqua.edu.

The Mainstream, UCC’s student newspaper, provides students the opportunity to develop professional writing skills. These skills are more transferable to the workforce than a Writing 121 or Writing 122 class, according to Melinda Benton, adviser of the Mainstream and a writing and journalism instructor.

“Joining the Mainstream staff as a volunteer or as a student for a term or more is an excellent opportunity to learn communication skills, improve writing skills, and experience working on a peer-led term to create a publication with specific goals and deadlines,”  said Benton

Students on the Mainstream can choose to participate as writers, graphic designers, website staff, photographers or publication leaders. Training is provided, and instruction is often one-on-one. Students also have opportunities to connect with community leaders and learn many soft skills and leadership skills by participating in a work environment.

UCC has two world language clubs that discuss issues and events happening in the French and Spanish community. For information about the French club, contact Honora Ni Aodagaon at honora.niaodagain@umpqua.edu.  The Spanish club meets every Thursday at 2 p.m. in Snyder Hall #10. For more information contact nicholas.traz@umpqua.edu.

All clubs invite anyone interested in gaining skills to attend a meeting and explore opportunities from becoming involved.