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Student Survey:

How will students be impacted by a tuition increase?

A $10 per credit raise in tuition is being discussed for the 2013-2014 academic year. Students can voice their concerns at tuition forums.

Joseph Johnson

Ben Fortier

“They won’t have enough money to pay their bills because a lot of students live off of financial aid.”

Liz Kottwitz

Tyrell Ott

“Some of them might have to drop out and not finish their degree.”

Erik Collins

Summer Moore

“Some people that pay out of pocket will be affected more.”

Juliet Rutter

Nikki Johnson

“It would make our school less appealing.”

Miguel Rodriguez

Jennifer Driskill

“I would be very frustrated spending more money on tuition that I could’ve used on textbooks.”

Savannah Moe

Joseph Winn

“It would make my parents mad.”

Shane Dyer

Jocelyn Valencia

“It will have a relatively big impact. [Students] will have to look for more ways to save money.”

Sam Payton

Ben Moore

“It will have a pretty big impact. They raised it last year. It will have a big burden on students and families.”

Angel Negron

Ben Moore

“Unfortunately they’re going to be impacted but it’s something we have to deal with.”

Misha Gomez

Ben Moore

“It would decrease our student population and make students more dependent on the government.”