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Internships take education off the campus

Images provided by Jonathan Pardon
UCC student Jonathan Pardon will receive the chance of a lifetime, as starting this summer he will begin interning with the Walt Disney Corporation. Pardon looks at this opportunity to further himself and help what he describes as a great and rich organization.

The end of the spring school term opens up opportunities for internships across Oregon and the nation.

Although the life of an intern is often arduous, it can bring skills and resources which assist in resume building or training. Internships offers exposure for participants to networking for job positions and allows them to see if a certain job is right for them.

Internmatch.com offers opportunities for internships mainly centered around the Portland and Eugene areas with positions in nearly all fields. Applications can be found at internmatch.com for Financial Representative for Northwest Mutual, for Software Developer at IBM, for Sales and Marketing at Zeeluh and many more positions.

For UCC Theatre student Jonathan Pardon, the chance to intern has become more of an adventurous expedition than opportunity for work. Pardon received an internship offer through the mail and will intern for the Walt Disney Company from August to January. “It is an earning and learning opportunity for college students,” Pardon said. “I will be at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, working as an attractions operator and host. So, operating rides, doing guest interaction and guest management. [All that] after a full week of training.”

The opportunity to work for Disney will offer Pardon the chance to further his own goals. “It’s going to be a resume enhancing opportunity,” Pardon said. “To be part of the Disney family and its legacy that means so much to this world, but it will also open opportunities outside the Disney corporation. Provide me with all the tools that are needed in today’s job market.”

The Disney paid internship, also offers collegiate courses and sponsored housing as well as complimentary entry into Disneyland on days off and visits to the Disney Studios back-lot.

Disney’s expansive cast of characters and themes are relevant not only to children but also to those who watched their classic stories years ago.  Pardon mentioned his favorite Disney character as Cinderella, “because she represents the common dreamer and is an inspiration to anyone to overcome hardship and go after your dreams.”

An application can be filled out at DisneyCollegeProgram.com. The application will ask for current school level and past job and volunteer experience.