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Spring ideas for bucket lists

uncorneredmarket, Flickr

Tim McGraw sums up the spring break motto: Live life like you’re dying. A bucket list is the perfect way to prepare for spring break, or really, your future in general.

As Paulo Coelho, famous author of The Alchemist says, “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

The term bucket list originates from “kick the bucket,” stemming from the Middle ages, referring to execution by hanging when victims as they fell to their death kicked the bucket they were standing on.

In a small survey, students and faculty were asked to share part of their bucket lists.

Sharon Kirkham wants to skydive and ride on the back of a Harley.

Beau Jones, like many others, also wants to skydive, adding that [before he dies,] he would like to kill a moose in Alaska, and get 10 tattoos as well.

Harvey Day, Security Officer, also admits to wanting to skydive.

Zenus, another UCC student, rounds up the list of those who would love to go skydiving, and in addition, he wants to go back to Germany.

Caroline Hopkins, director of Trio, Student Support Services Transfer Opportunity Program, also wants to go abroad. She said, “I would love to go to South America.’

Danna-May Slater’s desires are finishing school, bungee jumping, and she wants to travel to Ireland.

Katie, a UCC student we found hanging out in the cafeteria, one day wants to go to Greece and New Orleans.

Jasmine Dubose wishes to see the Northern Lights in Alaska while Instructor, Melinda Benton shared her wish to go to Greece.

Besides traveling the world, Katelyn, another student, wants to go bungee jumping and zip lining.

Jacob, showing that it never hurts to dream big, would love to go on a cruise and to one day walk on the moon.

Marjan Coester, student life director, stated that she wants to write [and publish] a book.

Hannah Hawkins, editor of the Mainstream student newspaper, stated that she would love to synchronize all of the watches on display at Wal-Mart to go off at one time. She adds that she wants to own 50 pairs of Nike shoes. She is up to 20 so far.

In spite of the world struggles published constantly in the media, over 80 percent of the bucket list survey responders said they see their future positively. When it comes to spring break, the week is held in such high standards, but with it comes the responsibility of creating these memories of a lifetime – and that’s where the bucket list is a valuable asset.