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Putting a “spin” on sexual superstitions

ASUCC officers create event to debunk myths about sexual health

Hannah Hawkins / Mainstream
Students who answer the sex-related questions correctly will win a “condom rose” that includes two free condoms. Free snacks are also provided.

As a special Valentine’s Day precursor activity, ASUCC is giving students a chance to educate themselves on the subject of sexual health. The activity will take place Friday, Feb. 13 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Student Center.

Students can spin a wheel marked with categories pertaining to sexual health. ASUCC officers will then ask the contestants a true/false question from the specific category they land on. If the student answers the question correctly, the prize will be a “condom rose” which includes two free condoms. Students can drop by to spin the wheel any time during the two hour session.

The question topics include pregnancy, contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases, anatomy, gender and a wild card. Questions and answers have been taken from online resources focusing on sexual health awareness.

“We will be debunking different questions like ‘If you have intercourse standing up, you won’t get pregnant?’ and ‘Is using two condoms safer than using one?’” Aria Blackwood, ASUCC senator, said.

Maria Dresser, ASUCC senator and coordinator of this event, said, “These questions are meant to educate people of all genders and sexual orientations about safe sexual practices.”

Sex myths can range from ridiculous to dangerous. Astroglide, a sexual lubricant retailer, publishes myths they’ve gathered such as “If you have sex during the day, you’ll conceive an albino child” and a supposedly Korean tradition that if partners have intercourse on a stormy day, the child conceived will grow up surrounded by problems. Astroglide’s log of myths also includes the idea that averting eye contact when clinking glasses after a toast equals seven years of bad sex and the equally hard myth to believe that sex before battle will lead to defeat.

To encourage students to try to bust sex myths, free snacks will be offered during this event for anyone who takes a spin at the wheel.

Also, ASUCC will offer Valentine’s Grams for sale for secret admirers to send across campus.

The Valentine Gram will include a carnation flower and a note. “We will deliver them to a room of their [the student’s] choice at a specific time,” Blackwood said.

The Grams cost $2 each and will be delivered on Friday, Feb. 13.