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Love stories and statistics:

Students still believe in love

Jamie Glen/ Mainstream

While some people consider Valentine’s Day a master marketing strategy designed by the corporate machine, love does still exist on campus. Students Greg Vincent and Jonathan Munion are excited about their upcoming wedding.

Vincent, a radiology student taking his pre-requisites at UCC before transferring to Portland, is planning on marrying Munion, a nursing student. They are planning a small destination wedding in Honolulu for Oct 26, 2016.

They have been together two and a half years, but it only took a short while for them to realize the relationship would last. “I knew after we joined our checking account together after three months that we would spend the rest of our lives together,” Vincent said.

Munion proposed to Vincent in Bend while at dinner at a restaurant exactly one year after they had met; the couple will use the same date for their upcoming wedding.  In a room full of strangers, Munion asked the question on one knee in front of a full restaurant. Later, the couple picked out Tiffany wedding bands together.

On last year’s Valentine’s Day, Munion sent Vincent flowers at work. When Vincent arrived home after working late, the house was lit with 100 candles, and Munion had set up balloons and a prepared dinner.   “Jonathan is my first valentine,” Vincent said.

Valentine’s Day may not be a 100 candle event for everyone, but it does bring special memories. One anonymous student shares on survey a memory of a the grade school card exchanges with candy. Others remember Valentine’s Day as the day they got dumped (who does that?) while others are still waiting to find a special Valentine’s memory.

To find out if students besides Vincent and Munion really do celebrate Valentine’s Day, The Mainstream surveyed 20 students in the Campus Center during the week before Valentine’s Day.