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Engineering Expo creates tomorrow’s tech experts


Provided by Lisa Lanza, Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub Project Manager
Approximately 300 guests attended the annual Explore Engineering, Surveying, Computing and Computer Science event which showcased nearly 40 exhibits.

Every year an exhibit is held in the Danny Lang Center. The attendance for this year’s expo increased by almost one hundred people. The purpose of this expo was to help find careers. Booths had information pertaining to starting a new career. Representatives from colleges like Oregon Tech Oregon State and Air Force attended.

“This has been an annual event at UCC for the last eight years. It is a wonderful event that provides an opportunity for students to learn about programs at UCC.” Clay Baumgartner UCC Chair, Engineering and CIS Department, said, “This year we had the highest attendance yet, estimated at 300 people.”

This event was for middle schools, high schools, UCC students and their families. The Expo received a grant through Umpqua Valley Steam Hub to fund the expo. This helped fund the dinner and the transportation.

After everyone had gone through the dinner line, the Expo had speakers talk about their success stories and how people can prosper in different career paths in engineering.

Students who would be attending UCC in the fall and who had interest in the Engineering Program were able to enter a drawing to be eligible for different scholarships. These scholarships are related to different studies in the engineering programs, such as computers, math, physics, surveying, and other opportunities.

“This year’s event was a combined effort of several departments at UCC working together and creating an excellent opportunity for the community to learn about UCC’s engineering, surveying and computer science programs,” Lisa Lanza, Project Manager Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub, said.

The UCC engineering program had a playful competition to see who could harness the most wind power. Engineering students ran the Expo’s booths while offering materials to build a propeller.

The propeller, which was hooked up and placed in front of a fan, measured energy. It was a continuous competition for one group of high school students trying to outdo each other by making better propellers and more energy for two hours straight.

The Engineering Expo had many different opportunities for people to find careers and what is best for them. The community came together and found a way to not only bond, but to better themselves and the community. They did this by educating people to make better roads, make water and air cleaner, and other environmental focuses to better the community.

List of Clubs on Campus
The Debate Club
The debate club meets weekly to help students hone debate skills in a friendly and non-judgmental environment. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, even if just to observe. This term, all of the club debates will focus on Humans Rights issues. The club meets every Friday at noon in Snyder Hall, room 18. For more information on the club, contact advisor Paula Usrey at (541) 440-4647.
Students interested in The Mainstream student newspaper can register for the course online as J215 Journalism Production. The course can be taken as 1, 2, or 3 credits (credits depend on the number of issues a student works on). Students in the course can work as writers, editors, graphic designers or photographers, and the course can be taken for multiple terms. The Mainstream also accepts letters to the editor, occasional guest columns, and other student writing from students who are not enrolled in the course as space is available. This term, students can also submit classified ads for free. See mainstreamonline.org for more information. The staff meets 12:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays in TC 103. For more information, contact Melinda Benton at (541) 440-4645. The publication prints every two weeks with free copies in lobbies.
Phi Theta Kappa
The Phi Theta Kappa club is for students with a 3.5 grade point average or higher. According to the Phi Theta Kappa website, the club strives to recognize and encourage scholarships among two-year college students. The group hosts multiple events every term. They meet every Wednesday at noon in Lockwood 2. For more information, contact Marjan Coester at (541) 440-7749.
The Drama Club
The drama club is focused on providing opportunities to members to travel and see productions across the Pacific Northwest. They meet every Thursday 11:30 at Centerstage in the Fine Arts building. For more information, contact Stephanie Newman at (541) 440-4694.
Veterans Club
The veteran club’s mission is to provide a support system for veterans and their families at UCC. They help veterans with classes and provide community assistance with jobs as well as other needs. They meet every Friday at noon in the Veterans Center in the Educational Skills Building. Anyone interested in the club should go to the information desk in the Student Center.
The Environmental Sustainability Club
The Environmental Sustainability club is dedicated to making the campus more environmentally friendly. Students have worked on the UCC Community Garden, participated in outdoor activities and volunteered in the community. They meet every Wednesday at 2:00 in Snyder, room 15. For more information contact Ken Carloni at (541) 440-7641.
The Engineering Club
The engineering club meets with other engineers to work on fun projects or to get help on difficult homework problems. The club requires students to have at least a 2.0 grade point average, and while anyone may join, only members with engineering majors may vote. They meet every other Friday at noon in Jackson Hall, room 15. For more information contact Clay Baurngartner at (541) 440-4683.
The National Student Nursing Association
The National Student Nursing Association club aims to support nursing and pre-nursing students at UCC by providing mentoring as well as volunteer and scholarship opportunities. For more information or for meeting times and place, contact Tamra Samson at (541) 440-4684.
The SkillsUSA club at UCC recommends that students be in one of the technical or career programs but does not require it. SkillsUSA focuses on helping its members become world-class workers and responsible citizens. The SkillsUSA group hosts more than 80 competitions in the fields of leadership development, health occupations, occupationally related contests and trade, industrial and technical contests. They meet every third Wednesday at noon in Lockwood Hall, room 2. For more information contact Kevin Mathweg at (541) 440-4652.