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Health and Science building nearly funded

The plans for the second story of the building show dedicated classrooms for biology, chemistry, physics and geology.

Starting July 1, an additional $7 per credit fee will be added on to the current student fees to pay for the balance still needed for the new Health/Nursing and Science building.

“At this time we have $5.2 million dollars from donations,” Rebecca Redell, chief financial officer at UCC, said. According to Redell, UCC has received bonds totaling $8.5 million but must show the ability to match the bonds by receiving more donations.

The student government has been heavily involved with the $7 fee, and has reviewed all fees that UCC implements.

“All information on the new building was circulated through student government and open forums in the library and was also discussed at two different board meetings to ensure that this was the right step for the community,” Redell said.

If total donations for the building are deemed insufficient within the next two years, the fee may go up to $8. If students, faculty, and even the community can raise the money needed, that fee could be lowered.

Students can help raise money if they wish to get personally involved by planning and hosting their own fundraising events to raise money to donate. With Valentine’s Day coming, a fundraiser that centers on the special holiday may be a way to earn money to donate. Students can sell red carnations and crafts made for the event. A book sale is also another good idea, asking teachers and students if they have any old books they would like to sell. A car wash is always another good way to collect funds. Along with charitable events, anyone with Internet access can donate online to help raise money.

To make donations, the community can go to the UCC homepage and click on the picture of the Health Nursing and Science building. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Donate” button.

Ways to give to building campaign

There are many ways to create a permanent memorial of your support for the Health/Nursing and Science building.

  • Bricks - $125
    Quantity: 200
  • Pavers - $500
    Quantity: 50

Pavers will be engraved with your name or wording of your choice (3 lines / max. 14 letters per line). Pavers will be located in the courtyard and terrace area.>

  • Trees - $1,500
    Quantity: 6
Your name will be prominently displayed on a brass plaque in front of a tree. Trees will be located on the hill around the new facility.

  • Benches - $2,500
    Quantity: 6

Your name will be prominently displayed on a brass plaque on a bench. Benches will be located around the facility in the courtyard and terrace area.

Donor Wall

An ornate recognition wall will be seen by thousands of people each year. Place your name on this prominent artwork. There are various donation levels to choose from below:

  • Partner ($1,000 - $4999)
  • Patron ($5,000 - $9999)
  • Founder ($10,000 - $24,999)
  • Benefactor ($25,000 - $49,999)

Building Naming Opportunities

  • Faculty Offices ($50,000)
  • Small Conference Room - Level 1 ($50,000)
  • Small Conference Room - Level 2 ($50,000)
  • Large Conference Room - Level 1 ($100,000)
  • Large Conference Room - Level 2 ($100,000)
  • Medical Legal Resolution Classroom ($100,000)
  • Classroom A ($100,000)
  • Classroom B ($100,000)
  • Classroom C ($100,000)
  • Physics/Geology Lab ($100,000)
  • Anatomy/Physiology Lab ($100,000)
  • Biology Lab ($100,000)
  • Chemistry Lab ($100,000)
  • Dental Lab ($100,000)
  • Nursing Skills Lab ($100,000)