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How to get the best Christmas deals around during this holiday season

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Madden 15 for Xbox One is $20 less on Groupon.com.

Two things are on students’ minds right now: finals, and Christmas presents.
Many websites offer deals, but how do you find those stocking stuffer savings?
Websites like Groupon, SkyMall, dealnews, bensbargains, slickdeals and gottadeal publish the latest greatest deals. These organizations track anywhere form 2,000 to 6,000 retailers for you then publish the best sales, coupons, rebates and store rewards. Anything from electronics to vacations, from health and beauty to home and garden can be found at seriously discounted prices.
The websites can send you emails every few days telling the next, newest deal. You will have to provide your email for some sites, and then you’ll receive emails: voila, amazing deals. The websites show different packages currently available as well as total savings, awesome deals save A LOT of money. You will fill up your email box, however.
For instance, you can find out about Amazon’s $170.99 off on a 39 inch Smart LED TV for the total of $429.00. That’s almost $200 less then Walmart. Madden 15 for Xbox One is $39.99 on Groupon. That’s $20 less than Walmart. There are deals like this and better ones.
You can also subscribe to almost any store and access it online. Stores like Rue21, Macy’s, Big Lots, Maurice’s will send emails alerting online and store discounts.
Two websites showcasing constant deals are Amazon and Ebay. They sell and auction off some of the most expensive stuff for less. Beware that goods come in a variety of conditions: new, used, refurbished, etc. Users may buy and sell on both of these sites.
If you’re a little short on cash, and it’s too cold for yard sales, try selling some of your unwanted stuff on Amazon or Ebay where you mail your goods to strangers. Hundreds of websites out there can give you that one-in-a-million deals, you just have to go out and look