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Umpqua Scholars Pay it Forward in Community

Photo provided by Marjan Coester
Umpqua Scholars teamed up with Saving Grace Animal Shelter to create a walking path for animals.

Students in the new Umpqua Scholars program started their programs required 10 hours of community service. Each student gets to choose where they get to complete their volunteer hours. The most recent one was a group of students volunteered at the Savings Grace animal shelter. Some of the events the students have volunteered for were the Harvest fest, Blood Drive, different theatre productions and foundation projects.
“It really makes a going into college as a freshman easier with a big group of students that you know are all going through the same things. Being able to go out and volunteer with these students is also really helpful to get to know people as well as to expand my connections within the community. This program has really helped me not only financially, but also academically with all the tips and help that’s offered.” Said Umpqua Scholars member Madeline Gidcumb.

Photos provided by Marjan Coester

Umpqua Scholars is a campus scholarship program that offers free full tuition for up to two years for local high school students, home school students and military veterans. The only thing it does not cover is student fees, books, and miscellaneous expenses.
To get into the program, high school students must have attended a high school in the UCC college district; earned a cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 or higher; placed into UCC’s Writing 115 or higher, Math 95 or higher, and at least Reading 80, or have enrolled and completed Writing 115 and Math 95; and must enroll full-time at UCC for the fall term that immediately follows graduating high school.
Home school students must reside permanently in UCC district; earn an ACT of 23 or SAT of at least 1000; place in the same classes as the high school students, and be enrolled full time at UCC.
Military veterans must meet the same requirements as the homeschool and high school students; joined the military within three months of high school graduation; and enrolled at UCC within six months of being militarily discharged. This program is for high school students or people who meet the military requirements. You cannot already be a student on campus or be looking to join the campus and get in this program.
For more information on how to get in or if you know anyone who may be interested call 541-440-4600 and ask for Marjan Coester, the Student Life Director.