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Alternate Textbook Options Save Big Bucks

RJ Harris / Mainstream
The library is a resource for students who may not have the funds to buy books.

School books are outrageously expensive. I said it; we’re all thinking it. From 2012 to 2013 textbooks rose an average of 82 percent according to USA Today. Great, now how do we poor college students afford them while living on shoestring budgets? Some UCC students spent nearly $1,000 this year.
Many classes absolutely require textbooks, and some people and their studying habits absolutely require them for studying. This article just presents ideas for supplementing texts when possible.
Teachers and the textbook companies want the most current information, stats, news, etc. for our educational reading resources. But paying for a book that doesn’t always get used can be frustrating. Renting books is one alternative to purchasing. Although it may save money, renting can leave one responsible for damages. Students should consider other ways to alleviate the weight of buying books each term.
The library has a copy of nearly every textbook required for UCC courses. Most of the advisers on campus have made an effort to have the most recent editions of their books on reserve.
That means students can check them out for a few hours in the library for free. Using the library while on campus can reduce the necessity of buying books.
The library even offers the quiet area in the back dedicated for students who need a peaceful place to study.
The library also has multiple copy machines available in color and black and white. Inclined students can make copies of text book pages at $.05 a copy.
I would have to copy a ton of textbook pages to encroach on a fraction of the cost of many textbooks.
Time management, even with a busy schedule, may help save money on textbooks.
After going to UCC for a year, I’ve learned not to even consider getting the book for a class until I’ve either spoken to the teacher, someone who’s recently taken the course or until the first week is in session.
Even when some classes “require” a book, sometimes it is more like “strongly encouraged.”
Many students nowadays have a smartphone AKA a mini scanner. If you can swing reading off your phone, you can rent the book and quickly photograph the homework. For some courses, all that is usually needed is a page or two of material for a class day.
Life is extremely busy and difficult for some students and having to buy books can be an unwelcome financial woe. With a little time management, people are able to find an hour or two to spend in the library each week, which in the end may help to save money.
If neither of these solutions work, ASUCC offers textbooks and resources for students in need. The ASUCC offices are located in the Student Center.