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New Additions to Library Staff

Haley Stammen/ Mainstream
Jennifer Lantrip is the new Reference Librarian.

If you’ve popped into the UCC library anytime lately, you may have noticed a few changes and some new faces.
UCC welcomed Carol McGeehan this summer as the new library director and Jennifer Lantrip this fall term as the reference librarian.
Carol McGeehan has spent 35 years as a librarian and has been working in libraries since sixth grade.
She recieved her associates degree from UCC and went on to graduate from the University of Oregon.
McGeehan wants to include a more welcoming space for students in the library. She says over the next few years there will be a decline in print material as more online resources become available.
The electronic changes impact the role of librarians and require more of a guiding and tutoring aspect. One of the things she would like students to know the most is that they can always come and ask questions.
Jennifer Lantrip is originally from Portland. In the last decade, she has lived in Japan and Italy where she taught English and volunteered in libraries. She also worked as a librarian at the University of Bridgeport before being hired as UCC’s reference librarian.
She would like students to know that a Library and Internet Research Course is offered this coming term to help students learn to research and follow a research process format.
The UCC library has also seen the addition of a new group study room. The freshly renovated study room will be opened before the end of fall term, can accommodate two large study groups, and is on a first come first serve basis.
Kristin Moser, UCC’s library specialist for 12 years, can order, receive and process research material through our library loan system for both students and staff.
Inter library loans come from a group of libraries all over the world that share resources. If students would like material that can’t be found at the UCC library or in the county system, alternative ways are available to gather information.
Requests can be made directly on the library web page.
Questions about the inter-library requests can be directed to either Moser or Lantrip.
The library staff have stated they are always willing to answer questions and help find information.