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Got Respect Sweeps Campus

James Stokes / Mainstream
Confidential forums focus on making a safer campus.

Respect is sweeping the nation
Campus is making a stand on the got respect campaign that is sweeping the nation
UCC has started its own campaign against discrimination called Umpqua Unites, following the spirit of many colleges, athletes and musicians who are pushing for more inclusive communities.
For example, OSU has an office of Equity and inclusion that sponsors a variety of frequent inclusion events; U of O and Southern Oregon University provide gender-inclusive housing (students may have roommates of any gender) and Southern Oregon University also requires students to show competencies in diversity.
The UCC Got Respect campaign has started giving out “Umpqua Unites, Got Respect” bracelets and has been holding confidential focus groups with students to get their opinions on local discrimination problems. The meetings are completely confidential and “are doing quite well,” said Paula Usrey.
The purpose of UCC’s Got Respect campaign is to eliminate all discrimination on campus. Information from the forums will be used to benefit the community by making a safer campus and to help people also feel more comfortable at work and in the community.

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Some forums are still available to the campus: Poverty, Nov. 7, 12 p.m; Age, Nov. 7, 12 p.m; Religion, Nov. 7 12 p.m; Sexual Orientation Nov. 7, 12 p.m.
“When people have respect for everyone, everything is easier. Being comfortable working on committees, speaking in public, or being out in the community are all ways that having respect for everyone is beneficial to not only campus but to the community as well,” said students Lucas Turner.