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Graduating Mainstream staff will be missed

The Mainstream will lose design editor Jared Hegg, web editor Susie Day, copy editor Alex Ivey, sr. reporter Don Gilman and designer Summer Hall to graduation.
Dennis Wahlman / Mainstream
The Mainstream will lose design editor Jared Hegg, web editor Susie Day, copy editor Alex Ivey, sr. reporter Don Gilman and designer Summer Hall to graduation.

Few people really know what goes on at the top of the hill in Technology Center room 103. Some students, instructors, and administrators may have heard, but really they have no idea.

On paper it appears that a handful of students gather each week with a purpose and goal to create the finest community college newspaper in the state of Oregon.

That may be true, but something much bigger is happening at The Mainstream. While professional development and real-life education take shape, friendships are being established, memories are being made, and a family is developing one publication at a time.

As graduation nears, The Mainstream must say goodbye to some of its best.

With nearly seven years of combined experience, Susie Day, Don Gilman, Jared Hegg, Alex Ivey and Summer Hall will move on in their story of life, leaving a sizable void in The Mainstream and its family.

As web editor and ASUCC Activities Director, Susie Day is simply one of the busiest students on campus. She is responsible for creating one of finest college news sites in the state of Oregon. In her first year on campus, Day was awarded first place for “Best Website” in the state Collegiate Newspaper Contest.

“One of the hardest tasks I have before next year is to replace the Mainstream’s web editor. Whoever coined the term ‘irreplaceable’ to describe a person must have been thinking of Susie,” Mainstream adviser Melinda Benton said. “She created our award winning website and managed it single handedly.”

Day maintains a 4.0 accumulative grade point average and will attend the University of Oregon as an Anthropology major.

“Not much gets past her. She is an extraordinarily intelligent, compassionate, reasonable, wise human being, and all of us have grown because of working with her,” Benton said.

The Mainstream must also replace design editor Jared Hegg.

A Jedi Knight when it comes to graphic design, Hegg’s fingerprints are found throughout each and every publication since joining The Mainstream.

“Jared knows his software. He can make Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator sing,” Benton said. “I am always in awe of artists like Jared who combine a good eye with technical expertise.”

With a passion for art and music, Hegg isn’t short for words when it comes to talking about his school’s publication.

“The Mainstream has helped me come out of my shell. I have always been such a quiet guy, and leadership was never my strong suit. As design editor, I have gained confidence, many new friendships, and leadership skills that will not be forgotten,” Hegg said. “Working on the paper with such great people has made this experience invaluable. I hope everyone gained as much from me as I did from them.”

Ginger Johnson will take over Hegg’s design editor duties in the fall.

In addition to the graduation of Hegg, The Mainstream will lose another member of its design team in Summer Hall.

Hall describes herself as someone who “tends to slow down for green lights” and has added a unique style and personality with her design and photography talents.

“Give Summer a color page and she is on it until she loves it, and I love that about her,” Benton said.

 “If you know Summer, you know of her love for animals,” Benton said. “She is quite persuasive, talking other students into adopting animals from the shelter where she works.”

As office administrator and reporter, Alex Ivey is the glue that binds The Mainstream’s week-to-week operations.

A self-described vegan and video game junkie, Ivey is the resident guru of political commentary and “AP style” writing. Ivey acted as a safety net for the staff with story errors.

“The Mainstream is the most valuable part of my degree because of what it has given me besides a simple education: it has given me confidence,” Ivey stated.

 He has had an undeniable impact on The Mainstream, and looks to have the same effect in state politics by helping champion a group that is hoping to open up the primaries to the voters of Oregon.

“Alex has joined the effort in a leadership role to further democratize our political structure for the good of the people by being involved in helping to organize and direct the ‘Independent Voters of Oregon,’” History professor Charles Young said. “Alex is just the kind of great citizen the ancient Greeks so valued. Pericles of ancient Athens would be proud of him! There might even have been a statue of him in honor of his dedication to community service had he been alive then.”

Not too many students maximize the short amount of time they have with The Mainstream publication the way Don Gilman has.

A two-time award recipient in the state collegiate newspaper contest, Don Gilman’s work as senior reporter and videographer has provided a template for other students to follow.

“While on staff for the last two years, Don has learned how to write for news outlets, how to create award winning photography and feature stories, how to write video scripts and how to film,” Benton said. “He went from being intimidated with interviewing to excelling at it. He now interviews sports stars at U of O, state senators and representatives, campus presidents and community leaders with ease.”

Gilman plans on continuing his education in video journalism at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.

“Being in The Mainstream has given me confidence I didn’t have before, both as a writer and as a person,” Gilman said.

“Don is one of those students you know you will stay connected with over the years. I can’t imagine next year without him,” Benton said.

So as summer approaches, The Mainstream will celebrate its graduating sophomores, but the end of spring is bittersweet.