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7 questions for 7 candidates

With the May 20 and 21 ASUCC elections right around the corner, we sat down with seven student candidates in hopes to get to know them a bit.

  1. In 25-30 words describe why you should be elected to ASUCC office?
  2. What is the single biggest issue you elected office faces?
  3. How do you intend to tackle that issue?
  4. Do you have any ideas for the UCC administration that could increase student enrollment numbers?
  5. How will you use your office to better the students at UCC?
  6. If you were only allowed to eat five different kinds of food for the rest of your life what would they be?
  7. If your life was a movie what actor/actress would play your part and why?


Jorge Nader

Jorge Nader

  1. As a student of this campus, I am aware of the struggle students suffer in their daily basis like paying tuition, lack of transportation, need of school material or school activities. My main goal is to serve students in their needs and enhance their college experience.
  2. Decrease in college enrollment that is correlated to economical and logistical issues that students face and this affects many other areas as a domino effect.
  3. First of all, I want to listen to students and what they have to say about their needs, and then I can proceed to formulate a solution for the better of all of the people that conform the campus. One of my main goals is to promote “in-campus,” activities via clubs and student organizations. Also, I want to use the resources that ASUCC has to help students that need school materials or related such as books, better technology for the use of students, transportation, day care and others.
  4. By talking with many students on campus, and as a result of a little survey that I made, an increase in college extra curricular activities and economical help has the potential of helping to increase the number of students that enroll per term. Also I will try to establish stronger connections with other colleges and organizations that can help to optimize college enrollment.
  5. By applying all the resource that my office has available, I want to offer more programs that will help students in their academic progress and that could help them to achieve success in their future life. Also, I want to offer a bigger variety of social activities on campus, as well as intercultural events.
  6. Salmon, Watermelon, Cheese, Pasta, and Honey.
  7. I have no special preferences. The actor that could play my role in a movie would be the one that is more suitable for the paper. I want someone that understands my story so he will be able to represent it well.
Kristapher Yates

Kristapher Yates

  1. I am a natural leader that emphasizes the significance of fellowship. If elected into office, I will promote the importance that every student has a voice.
  2. The major issue I foresee is getting students involved.
  3. I plan to challenge this issue by showing the student body that “changes can happen,” and that starts with a single voice.
  4. I have several ideas for the UCC administration that could improve student enrollment. I am very active in the recovery community of Douglas County and would like to bridge a connection with UCC. In recovery myself, I understand the validity in starting a new chapter of your life within a learning environment.
  5. As president, and the voice of the student body, I will take all concerns, comments and question to the Board of Trustees.
  6. I would choose to have the following foods for the rest of my life: Meat Lover’s Pizza (with extra cheese please), jalapeños, avocados, peanut butter, and Sassy Water.
  7. Margaret Cho (a proud Asian comedian) would play my part in a movie of my life because she is blunt, crude yet honest.

Vice President

C. Ellis 

C. Ellis Poole

  1. I should be elected to ASUCC office so that I can effectively lobby for UCC and UCC students. I know, on a personal level, the state representatives and senators.
  2. I think that the biggest issue would be to build bridges with untapped financial resources the state may not have utilized.
  3. I intend o tackling this issue heads on with my extensive experience in fundraising and knowledge with this area.
  4. I have experience in the private sector increasing customer basis, customer satisfaction, and customer returns and have a lot of ideas about how the applies to public education.
  5. Since coming to UCC I see that there are a lot of resources for students to use, but they are not advertised optimally, and they are spread over campus. I will work to streamline student supports as well as increase knowledge campus wide about them.
  6. Peanut butter, cookies, pizza, coffee, ice milk, and spearmint gum.
  7. Blake Sheldon, I love playing the guitar. It helps me think through life’s toughest moments.

Business Manager

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

  1. If I were to be elected a member of student government, I would utilize my leaderships to promote teamwork and help further foster a diverse atmosphere at UCC.
  2. One of the largest problems facing UCC is student apathy. Students have to care to improve the campus
  3. I plan on focusing on building teamwork and group cohesion as a student leader.
  4. Administration can improve enrollment by ensuring that students and visitors are met with dignity and respect while at UCC.
  5. Since enrolling at UCC this last summer, I have been actively involved to try and improve things on campus. By holding office in student government, it will give me a louder voice for concerns such as financial aid, student fees and general respect.
  6. Pizza, Brown Cow maple yogurt, fresh bread, vanilla ice cream and beer.
  7. Samuel L. Jackson, he gets stuff done.
James Stokes

James Stokes

  1. I have a passion for helping other people, and getting the to do the best they can. Also, I love to work with numbers. Which is pretty important for Business Manager.  In addition to that, I am pretty good with details. I like to get things just right.
  2. Writing the minutes down for the meetings, and making certain they are representing what the people said.
  3.  I plan on using a recorder to record meetings while I am taking notes, then I will go back and make a final version.
  4. The tuition, I think is one of the biggest hurdles for some students because it costs money and they may not have enough as it is. 
  5. Create an environment where students can study.  Some place quite, or maybe more than one place.  Right now there is not a whole lot. Just the library and one or two other places.
  6. Caesar salad, macaroni and cheese, strawberry angel cake, vanilla ice cream, and pizza.
  7. Myself, because I know my own life the best.


Haley Stammen

Haley Stammen

  1. I should be elected into ASUCC office because I have lots of experience planning events, have been involved with ASUCC leadership this year and am dedicated to improving student time spent on campus.
  2. The biggest issue my elected office will face is difficulties in reaching out to students. Facebook updates and posters do not work in making students aware of campus events. If elected, I hope to work closing with the leadership team to find more innovative ways to get students involved.
  3. In order to overcome the barrier between student leaders and the student bodies, I think the best way would be to use more fliers in common student hangouts and communication with club representatives to get more students involved. I would also like to see increased forums for students to share their ideas on important issues.
  4. Bring baseball to campus, first and foremost. Sports bring in lots of students, as players and spectators. I think the Umpqua Scholars Program was a great idea to help increase enrollment as well.
  5. If elected, I will use my office to help plan activities for student to have a little break from the college grind and create opportunities for students to network and make friends with other students
  6. Chicken nuggets, ranch dressing, cheesecake, Nutella and Red Bull.
  7. If my life was a movie, Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill) would play me.

Public Relations

Kierstin Darby

Kierstin Darby

  1. I should be elected because I understand the profession of public relations and how it effects the public.
  2. The biggest issue is intercommunication within the officers.
  3. To improve communication within the different offices I am running for office with peers who I already have good communication with.
  4. Administration should improve graduation by focusing on the students have insight about upcoming events in a timely matter.
  5. missing
  6. If I was only allowed to eat five different foods for the rest of my life they would be peanut butter, wheat bread, honey, bananas, and milk.
  7. The actress that best represents me is Kirsten Dunst because like myself; she is known for not putting up with nonsense and she likes to cut to the chase.