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The Hannah and Haley Show

Hannah & Haley
Jared Hegg / Mainstream

Just how well do you know the people in your life- such as your friends, siblings or significant other? “The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag” is a series of question than can be found now on a variety of sources online. This is a great activity to pass time at a restaurant, during a long car ride or while socializing around campus.

Coming soon, The Mainstream will be featuring “The Hannah and Haley Show” on our website. “The Hannah and Haley Show” will spotlight UCC and Douglas Country activities from two VERY different perspectives: Hannah’s and Haley’s.

Managing Editor Hannah Hawkins and Reporter Haley Stammen will anchor the show, with the assistance of the entire Mainstream staff for ideas and filming. 

As a kick off to “The Hannah and Haley Show,” Stammen and Hawkins were put to the test to see how well they know each other using “The Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Tag.”

The idea of “The Hannah and Haley Show” came from a discussion about starting a rapping/beatboxing club. We thought it would be fun but completely insensible. Instead, we decided we could film ourselves showcasing both campus and community news.

Hannah and Haley have known each other less than a year but share the same goofy humor, love for thrift shops and the first letter of their first names.

Q. I’m watching TV. What am I watching?

Hannah: (guess about Haley) Pretty Little Liars?

Haley: (answer) Pretty Little Liar, One Tree Hill, or How I Met Your Mother!

Haley: (guess about Hannah) Basketball Games?

Hannah: (answer) Prison Break.

Hannah: 1 / Haley: 0

Q. What is my favorite kind of music?

Hannah: (guess about Haley) Death Cab for Cutie. I know because you hacked my Pandora.

Haley: (answer) Death Cab for Cutie!

Haley: (guess about Hannah) Top 40 ?

Hannah: (answer) Lecrae or Reggae.

Hannah: 2 / Haley: 0

Q. What is my favorite cereal?

Hannah: (guess about Haley) Lucky Charms?

Haley: (answer) Honey Nut Cheerios, but no milk.

Haley: (guess about Hannah) Miniwheats?

Hannah: (answer) Fruity Pebbles.

Hannah: 2 / Haley: 0

Q. What do I collect?

Hannah: (guess about Haley) Kittens, sweaters and scarves?

Haley: (answer) Movie ticket stubs. I have every one from every movie I’ve been to in the last 10 years.

Haley: (guess about Hannah) T shirts and basketball shorts?

Hannah: (answer) Colorful athletic shoes.

Hannah: 2 / Haley: 0