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Filing early for graduation, an effort to help students proceed

Attention students who will be graduating this spring: the deadline for filing for graduation was Jan. 31. Do not freak out if you missed the deadline, there is still hope of graduating on time, but you must hurry.

Students filing for graduation should either go to the Admissions Office in Campus Center or fill out the graduation evaluation online through the self-service Banner.

The “self-service banner” tab on the UCC website will prompt you to enter your 800 number and PIN. Then go to “student and financial aid,” then “student records” and then “apply to graduate” at the bottom of the page.

Leanna Chapman, Admissions/Records Assistant, clarified some system problems when filing online. “There are a couple of issues with it. One, it’s going to charge you automatically. If you have more than one degree, it will charge you for both degrees, but we will refund the [extra] money. So there is only one fee for graduation.” The single fee will be $30.00 and is to be paid by the end of the term.

“The second thing is to make sure that your transcript has the correct program listed,” Chapman said. Students can switch majors, but they should make sure their transcripts reflect those changes. “They have to change their major first before applying online.”

The importance of filing for graduation one to two terms ahead of time is not for the sake of inconveniencing students, but rather to make sure their path out of UCC is smooth and without surprises. “The process is to make sure you give yourself enough time to take all the required courses,” Jaymee Woolhiser, Enrollment Services Assistant, said. “And if there are any surprises, then you have a term or two to fix it.”

This process includes an official check coming from the registrar. It is a hands-on evaluation, not just something run through the computer, to give a green light to graduate. “The reason why you file is to get it officially evaluated by the registrar. He has to be the one to physically see it and review it and say it’s good in order for the degree to be printed.”

A graduation evaluation will take a couple of weeks to be processed. Once the processing is complete, students will receive a letter in the mail letting them know if they meet the requirements. “If you don’t get a packet and you think you should have, come talk to us,” Woolhiser said.

There may be a list of classes showing what still needs to be fulfilled. These classes may already be known to the student and scheduled for the upcoming term. This is an excellent way to check to make sure everything is on track in order to graduate.

Graduation will be held,  Friday June 13, 2014, at the Swanson Amphitheater. Students who are graduating in the spring can expect a packet in the mail mid-May explaining the ceremony and commencement.

“If you missed the deadline, the world is not over. It’s better late than never,” Woolhiser said.

If a student does not file for graduation before the deadline, the Admissions staff can still work with the student to graduate in time. However, this is not an opportunity to take advantage of. The student’s transcripts will reflect graduation in the proper term but they may not receive their physical degree until the following term.

Any questions about graduation should be directed to LaVera Noland, Admissions Officer at 541-440-4662.